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oh hey, guys

This is a test, kinda. I have a little more like it. Basically it started with me saying 'argh blargh I never DRAW any more' and then telling someone I would spend my day watching some of the John Adams HBO miniseries and doodle while I watched and show him the results.

Well, having the house to myself, I started screwing around early and it turned into something that's not entirely about John Adams. The narrative isn't directed specifically at my friend - it's things I would have probably blogged if I could be bothered to go upstairs at the time.

It's very stream-of-consciousness and unrehearsed and whatnot - just putting the ink straight on the paper with few references and no pre-sketches.

I apologize if my handwriting is illegible and will gladly translate/transcribe anything for anyone.


(or: I am Not Kate Beaton)

edit: There are, as one would expect, some (out of context) comments about the series. So, uh. "May contain spoilers for American History." You have been advised.