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is this thing on?

 Okay, so it's been, like... over a year.

- got a new job (a for-real 40-hour grownups-money job)
- moved out (with my brother, so it's basically like home minus parents)
- drew bunches but very few comics and little of consequence

until recently...

- started doing some work for a pretty awesome project
- kicked up old ideas again - looking at them with fresh eyes and new lines

So we shall see how this goes. I want very much to do comics. I do. This whole past year has been a very strange transitional period with new schedules and new stresses and very little time to *think* during the day (with my old jobs there were times where I could just autopilot and let my mind wander - not so with this one, where you're pretty much 100% on 100% of the time).

Right now I'm digging up old art supplies and setting up a workspace - knowing myself as I do, I figured the best setup was to just drag the desk next to the couch. Working fabulously so far. All my notes are being uploaded from various PCs and transcribed from various notebooks into one big pile in my googledocs account (lovely thing, googledocs). All my old character sketches are being compiled and scanned and thrown around.

There's threat of a snow day tomorrow, so if it pays off and I don't have to work tomorrow, I'll be all set - holed up with bread and milk and chocolate and Bailey's and a new box of colored pencils. We're gonna get through this just fine.

oh hey.

More art is... coming? This month has been kinda... well, there's been a lot of it.

Last week was spent up in NoVA because my grandmother died. There were a few days in there (between the initial go-up-and-visit and the actual funeral stuff) where I stayed with a friend and just chilled out and explored DC a bit, which I haven't done since grade school. It was pretty cool. Seeing the rest of the fam was good, too, even if the circumstances weren't.

Going back later next month because she's actually being buried at Arlington National Cemetery (Air Force spouse) and there's a wait.

My mother's best friend's daughter (who I've known off and on since I was born) is getting married, so we're doing bridal showers and whatnot over the next few weeks. The wedding itself is a few days after the burial.

Also I am trying to find a new job, cos DAMN. The situation at current place is awful - not the actual work or the people or anything, but hours are getting cut like crazy, and with all the stuff I've got going on and all the requests I've been having to make, I'm getting practically no shifts at all. So that's... fun?

God, I still need to post about the Star Wars event I did. Which was like... a month ago. eesh!

(also in the middle of this post I found out some potentially BITCHIN' NEWS)

(but I have to sit on it)
New pieces up at the DeviantArt. More to come, hopefully later today. I've been BUSY.

I got me some inkin' pens. They're pretty neat. I figure I'll practice with these before moving on to brushes - I need a steadier hand.

my parents are out of town.


I am sad because I am too broke for MoCCA. But I will go on my own local adventures and sortof halfheartedly pretend I am having a fraction of the fun I would have there. And start saving for SPX. Indeed.

May. 26th, 2008

(rassum frassum yardwork)

I am all for a nice round of good hard work, don't get me wrong, but not on The Day When Everyone Else is Also Outside. Also not on A Day When I Really Don't Feel Like It. Maybe I can bargain to do my share later in the week (since I'm, you know, off on days when the rest of the world works). bah.
Banged out a coupla pieces today. Might do a devArt update.

SOON I shall have comicy goodness. Like, there's a site already, with comics uploaded and summore queued, but I'm waiting on it to be upgraded to the new WordPress and the new ComicPress so's I can make it look nice and all. That's my plan, y'see.

I've actually been drawing... not *every* day, but almost every day. I got the right motivation, it seems. Even if it's just some idle doodle, the fact that I'm doing *something* really helps, I think.

So yeah, other artists might be all 'dude, draw every day' and you might be all 'tchyeah, whatever' but I am here to tell you 'YES. TOTALLY.'

Nanomango is doing a summer session in June and I'm kinda wondering if I might be a bad enough dude.

things I found in a box

- huge stack of play programs
- pile of ticket stubs
- doodled-on index cards and scraps of paper
- pictures of myself and all my ex-boyfriends (purged a few of those)
- nametags from more anime cons than I actually recall going to
- old scripts (oh god)
- a lyrics sheet of French Christmas carols
- my bronze medal from the Goldmind Games
- copy of my book
- two copies of the related newspaper article, which will never see the light of day again
- letters from Freshie
- old notepads
- the piece of driftwood I dunked in the Mississippi
- my Grand Prix ticket
- a notecard inscribed with the following:

not a bong--Gonzo
(bong + gonads?)
balloon filled w/poison
postcard w/SARS
rifle w/BAD MOFO
baddest mofo to ever fo a mo
"why do you keep persecuting yourself?!"
bad weed makes you lose wars
"don't lean on the pole. there's fascism."
pole, ants, flashback... YET.
ants --> SARS, butt cancer

(from 'don't lean on the pole' on I vaguely recall, but the top half of the list nets nothing)

- cheerleading picutre (aww)
- Chick tract
- Gideon bible handed out on campus on 9/11/01
- straw with a penis on it
- legs belonging to a Young Link action figure (just the legs)
- New Jersey transit schedules
- old lyrics (oh GOD)
- a list of show dog names
- score card from the second-most offensive game of minigolf ever played
- campaign stickers from when I ran for SCA President in 8th grade (what the FUCK was I thinking?)

...but, of course, neither of the things I was looking for. Time to dig up a new box.

(P.S. I'm not sure what a "Welsh Corncob" was but I'm pretty sure it was a dance and not a sexual maneuver.)

May. 15th, 2008

So I was poking around some old backups and I found a little cache of digital pictures I took back in high school (at the Turn of the Century). Randy 'xkcd' Munroe is in a couple of them, but apparently he's the goddamn Sasquatch or something because he's blurred all to hell.

(It's a digital camera from 1999. Everything's blurry.)

(Also there's a slightly better picture, but this one has the lowest my-friends-will-kill-me factor.)

no, man, seriously.

If this isn't the weirdest freaking thing I hear all week, I'd be amazed.

Out of context, this seems like another curious Hollywood tragedy.

Stephan Miller is the guy who hired my dad to write for the Warpath (Redskins fan publication). So, in essence, my dad's old boss got killed by a bear.

That's.... uhm. yeah.

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    23 Oct 2008, 23:48
    Amazingly, I have never been asked that question.


    I'm going to shut up now.
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    11 Oct 2008, 02:11
    This lady did seem to feel bad/embarrassed when she was corrected. I remember she said something along the lines of "oh goodness, now I've ruined your day, haven't I?"

    And she did tip before the…
  • fiveslashfour
    11 Oct 2008, 02:01
    Maybe it's a secret baby, and you won't know until you poop it into the toilet one day.

    People need to STFU though, you have to wonder if their just intentionally being dicks.
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    Hello to members of this site please to have joined your forum.
  • fiveslashfour
    6 Jun 2008, 06:19
    things I have learned:
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